Well it’s been a few weeks and I finally feel I want to share my experience. What can I say!!! From the first phone call just before Easter Sunday Weekend, not knowing how and when this heartbreaking process of losing my little one would happen, they reassured me that they would be available and would be there when needed. My little one passed on a Saturday. I called, and they were able to bring us in that day. From the moment we got there the service, warmth, and attention to detail was impeccable. I felt every detail I wanted for my little one (and I had many) was met without question. THEY JUST GOT IT COMPLETELY!! They turned what I call one of the most stressful and painful days in my life, into one that I can look back on and say, ” It turned out to be a beautiful experience for my little one and my family.
Thank you to Final Gift Pet Cremation Services.
– Rhonda