Attended Cremation Services are only offered when paired with a True Private cremation.

For some pet parents, being present to say a final goodbye plays a pivotal role in the healing process. For others, being close to their pet during the cremation process gives a sense of security and peace of mind. Here at Memorial Pet Services, we understand and offer a private, dedicated room for you, your family, and friends to use during the cremation process. Our viewing room was designed to be a place for people to relax or to celebrate their pet’s life with friends and family. Owners are encouraged to be as much of a part of the process as they are comfortable with. For some, being present and participating from beginning to end brings closure. Some choose to stay for the entire cremation, while some wish to witness only the beginning.


AN ATTENDED cremation MUST BE SCHEDULED at least 72 hours IN advance. At this time, we are unable to ACCOMMODATE unscheduled attended cremations.

To schedule, 
call us directly at 608-836-7297