Because of Thor...

From our Founder Mark:

"Thor was my first pet as an adult. He was not just a dog - he was my best friend. Like all friendships, we did not always see eye to eye, but we respected and trusted each other. He was my by my side for pivotal life events, and we still share years of memories. When he was thirteen, he started showing signs of old age, and I knew that he was nearing the end of his journey. Like most pet parents, this was not something I wanted to think about or plan for. I had not been taught how to handle this stage - but I realized it was my responsibility as his parent and friend.  I knew I owed him a dignified and honorable departure; and so I began my search.  I knew of cremation facilities in other states that were similar to funeral homes - but I could not find any comparable services near my home in Madison, Wisconsin. Knowing that there had to be many other pet parents looking for similar resources, I was compelled to start my own. 
In 2006,  I opened the doors to Memorial Pet Services, Wisconsin's first professional pet loss center - with Thor by my side. Just a few months later, his time had come.  This was a difficult stage, because it was clear he needed my help to finally transition.  I know he was ready, but the decision was difficult, and it still remains hard to accept. Our family vet came to Memorial Pet Services and performed the euthanasia in our private family room. As we said our final tearful goodbyes, I hugged him and laid by his side. This was the toughest day of my life, and uncontrollable emotions of grief and pain surfaced. The human-pet bond is strong, and sometimes stronger, than the human-human bond. I knew I needed to do more than provide an ethical cremation center, but offer emotional support for grieving pet parents and veterinary professionals. Today, I am happy to say that Memorial Pet Services now supports a the Pet Loss Resource Center (PLRC) - a nonprofit dedicated to supporting & caring for the pet community of Wisconsin. PLRC mainly offers support groups, free of charge, to anyone grieving the loss of a beloved pet."

Memorial Pet Services is a safe haven for the most difficult part of pet parenthood: the end of life.


Established in 2006, Memorial Pet Services is the first Pet Memorial Center with Certified Pet Loss Professionals in Wisconsin. We are a leading-edge Pet Memorial Center, providing the highest standard of aftercare and cremation services to pet parents and veterinary practices.

Memorial Pet Services is the best choice for pet parents looking to give their cherished pet a final, proper goodbye.